Breaking the Code

If you found this page your lucky, I made this page as a progress to show how I did everything. I will reveal this page at the end. If you are smart and pick up that on the clue and looked at the right page, that is how you found this page. Good job, even know you found this page however, the final answer will not be posted on here. But you'll be ahead of the game as you'll know where to look and what the clues mean before anyone else. XD

Alright the first part of the code is 80. Which simple is the starting number. On it's own it means nothing. However on the forums, right under the shoutbox you will see the code [77-45-2009]. Again on it's own, it means totally nothing.

Code Breaker #1

The first code breaker, can be found in the new poster I made for Majin Planet's 10th Anniversary which you can find here. So what does this have to do with anything? Very simple, it tells you what to do with the first two codes, 80 and [77-45-2009]. Look here for the answer in this blow up shot. As you can see the answer is 80+77-45-2009. So if your smart and know math you will know the first code answer is: -1967. If your wondering I place the answer on the main page, you an not miss it XD

Code Breaker #2

You can now forget the other numbers as you have your answer to code #1 which is 1967. The answer to this code can be found on the Features main page of the site. I will not say yet where the code is, but its not had to find as its something that has no business being on that page.

So on the features page is the following: who is also a big Green Bay Packers Fan. as you can guess they are near the link to the .org domain site which has the link to this page XX so if you find that out your ahead of the game. Now the answer to this code is simple. Each of those bold letters means a number. Which that number is needed for the next clue that is on the site. G =7 B = 2 F = 6 The answer is 726. You may ask, what does this mean? Simple. It means to look at member named 72166. Which her profile will have the clue...

Code Breaker #3

The next code which is sort of funny, its a two part coded really. The first is the answer on the member who is named 72166. As you can see on her profile, this is a fake account I made. It leads you to the next clue. Where is the clue? It the right there where it says Favorite Music Video: Transformers by NU. Basically telling you to look at my Transformers Music Video I made which is right here.

This gives you the code [code:G-72166/5] Which can be found at the bottom of the Description box. So what is the answer and what does this code mean? Keep reading.

The next part of the code is that I let it go dry for a bit, I then said that Ronoshie has the answer and if he says he doesn't he is lying. As you can guess that Ronoshie has no idea, but this leads everyone to thinking he is the one who has the answer. Well the answer to G-72166/5 is a math problem. Remember Code Breaker #2? Yeah that's right G=7 so that means its 7-72166/5 which equals -14431.8. The last part of this code breaker is that Ronoshie has been asking that if I'm going to tell everyone he is in on it, then to tell him the answer. I told him The Call of Cthulhu......

Code Ends

Sadly I was not able to keep up with it due to not having enough time to give my full time to the site. So sorry to everyone. :(

Last updated: June 30, 2009